Oh tumblr. bby<3

“You know. I don’t give myself enough credit. I’m pretty fricken great. I’m kinda adorable and my hair is pretty and I’m funny and silly and smart when I wanna be and -on a fair amount of medicine so maybe crazy- I’m just kinda great ok

Edit- Because who cares if I don’t have sharp angled facial features or a perfect body or if I have peach fuzz where I’d rather I didn’t. Who cares? I’m soft and round and adorable and anyone who disagrees can just go eat some dirt because I’m great. 

OOO maybe this confidence thing will last till tomorrow.”

I posted this on tumblr while I was doped up on NyQuil and possibly chamomile tea….and not doing my homework…oops. 

But you know what? This is the mindset I need to hold. This. Right here. Because I did a photo shoot with my friend for our good friend who is a photography major yesterday and it was a lot of fun! The pictures showed me at some of my less than flattering angles but they’re still good. I need to start appreciating what I do have as opposed to what I don’t and may never have. 


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