Can you do this for me?

If this relationship is going to work, I need honesty, clarity, understanding, compassion and a whole lot of reassurance that you care. I realize I’m a lot more work than most girls…but I’m worth it. I’m recovering from depression, anxiety and an eating disorder so yes I’m going to need a lot from you, and I understand if you can’t give me that much, but if you try I promise I’ll give you just the same from myself. I throw my whole self into a relationship when I feel that it has true potential. I feel like we do. We have such a wonderful connection and I feel so comfortable and open with you and that just doesn’t happen. I’ve recently realized that I really do deserve to be cared for and to be happy. I’m so much more than I was giving myself credit for. So if you can’t be what I need you to be, I’ll recognize that and you’ll have to go. But for now, I’m willing to try if you are…<3


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